Garreth Bayle

Garreth is team lead and holds responsibility for Nostra’s technical support team.

Garreth has worked in the IT industry for over 16 years, and possesses vast experience across a wide variety of technologies, including both Cloud and Infrastructure. He holds numerous IT industry qualifications, including being a Microsoft MCSE, and prides himself on consistently maintaining these skills in an industry which is always changing. Garreth has huge experience implementing complex IT projects, and in providing extensive support to clients of all sizes.

Garreth joined the Nostra team in 2009 and works tirelessly with all of Nostra’s clients to ensure maximum stability of their ICT infrastructure. Garreth also acts as a mentor to the technical engineering team, providing guidance and a calm head on the most complex of issues. Garreth is the primary point of escalation for the support team on all high level support issues. Under his watch the Technical Support Team has quadrupled in size, yet Garreth has consistently placed customer needs as his top priority, and has never allowed standards to drop.

Garreth plays a major part in Nostra’s successful client retention rate, which is utterly dependent on the company’s successful delivery of rapid and clinical support.