Gary Byrne

Gary has worked in the IT industry since 1995. In that time, he has served time as both an IT service engineer and a service manager for a variety of companies.

For the past 15 years Gary has been designing and implementing solutions for clients of all sizes and industries. The right solution comes from a client’s business requirement, and every business will have their own individual requirements. Solutions are all about asking the right questions and having ongoing customer communication and dialogue, and Gary places extreme emphasis on maintaining his core skills in these areas.

Gary is a consummate professional with extensive knowledge of both IT services and sales. He uses his vast experience, having worked with a huge spectrum of Irish companies to design and
oversee the implementation of highly effective IT solutions and services.

In 2007 Gary was a founding director of Nostra, and in the years since he has proven to be a key attraction for many new organisations who choose to work with Nostra, and he
is renowned for maintaining exceptional relationships with his clients. Gary delivers to clients by advising them technically and always opting for the best possible solution for the customer.

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