Wendy Behan

Wendy joined the Nostra team in January 2010, having spent a number of years in Calyx, one of the largest independent IT service providers in Ireland.

Wendy was initially brought in to Nostra to assist with the management of client accounts, from both a sales and account management perspective. In 2014 Wendy was appointed as Head of Internal Sales, and was tasked with focusing on growing the team and successfully expanding Nostra’s service offerings into the enterprise space.

In this role Wendy has full responsibility for growing the team and expanding our range of service offerings for our clients. Wendy takes a holistic approach to the development of her team, and consistently engages with all Nostra departments to ensure that the sales cycle is supported from initial identification right through to successful delivery. Wendy participates in the implementation of new processes and practices in Nostra, and the successful implementation of such has coincided with the rapid growth that the company has experienced in recent years. Wendy possesses a deep understanding of customer service, and endeavours to ensure that all Nostra customers receive the best possible experience from our team.

Nostra has grown substantially in recent years, and significant growth of this kind requires adept management skills and an ability to adapt quickly, both of which Wendy has in abundance. Assimilating new staff members into the Nostra team and delivering the strong Nostra ethos through our sales process is a fundamental aspect of Wendy’s role.

You can contact Wendy @ wendy.behan@nostra.ie