Anticipating Partner Needs

At Nostra we are all about anticipating our client’s needs in advance, and espouse a partnership approach as opposed to the traditional supplier approach. When we enter into an agreement with a partner we always begin with an analysis of their business needs both now and into the future. We then work closely with them to design a comprehensive ICT strategy. As part of this long term strategy we develop the solutions that we believe will work best, identify the best technology, implement it, support it, and maintain it with a range of trusted and proven skills across a wide swathe of specialist areas including data infrastructure, managed services, cloud, networking & security, and contract resourcing.

To ensure that partner needs are always met, and that we are actively anticipating what is coming down the track, we provide numerous points of contact for each and every partner.

Every Nostra partner has a dedicated Account Manager, tasked with guaranteeing partner satisfaction, and proactively planning for the most efficient ICT systems that can be implemented. Our account manager’s objective, wherever possible, is to have face to face meetings once a month to ensure that partners are happy and that we are ticking all of the boxes that they require, as well as proactively planning for future ICT projects. Because we see ourselves as a partner and not just a provider we will always aim to proactively plan for future ICT projects using our expert PM’s to ensure projects are always delivered on time and within budget.

As well as continuous access to our Service Desk and partner portal, Nostra also ensure that partners have regular meetings with our Service Delivery Manager. These meetings are scheduled to ensure that our Service Desk is hitting the resolution targets that are set at the beginning of our partnership, and to run through any issues or areas of concern that our partners may have. As part of this process we are always trying to garner feedback that will help to improve how we deliver support, and ways that our partners think our Service Desk could function better.

Finally each and every Nostra partner also has an internal contact in our CSU who is designated with fielding any inbound queries partners may have in relation to new products, services or how Nostra can be of help in any given scenario.