Reduce Operational Costs

Have you reduced operational costs in your business?

Nostra was founded with the overarching aim of reducing the operational costs associated with technology in organisations of all sizes. We do this by implementing cutting edge cloud technology solutions which simplify the way that people do business and changes the way that they work for the better.

Reducing costs and simplifying work processes is very valuable, and implementing cost saving initiatives in your ICT spend will have a significant benefit on budgetary availability in other areas. Nostra go about reducing the costs associated with technology in a unique way. As a dedicated technology partner we always begin with an analysis of our clients business needs both now and into the future, and we then work with them to design a comprehensive ICT strategy. We develop the solution, identify the best technology, implement it, and support it with a range of trusted and proven skills in Data Infrastructure, Managed Services, Cloud Solutions, Networking & Security, and Contract Resourcing.

Nostra’s method of solution design involves a unique approach, and wherever possible we try to combine the latest cloud solutions with the existing infrastructure as a way to save on exorbitant expenditure. By virtualising old, outdated and inefficient servers and running them as virtual machines on a reduced number of physical servers, companies can save a large amount while considerably improving speed and stability. Many organisations then have the option of reusing more of their old equipment as part of their disaster recovery solution. Combine this with a Microsoft Office 365 solution for email, SharePoint for file sharing requirements and you have a system which is robust, cost effective, and highly available.

As part of any solution we design, Nostra places great emphasis on ensuring that effective business continuity planning is in place to optimise uptime and productivity. Nostra are one of the few infrastructure suppliers in Ireland to have extensive Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud expertise. We are also highly unique in the length of time that we have had such varied experience, having entered the cloud space before any other provider in Ireland. Of those other companies who have recently acquired cloud expertise, we are still unique in having a dedicated Enterprise Cloud Division.

Our free assessment procedure takes away all stress and comes with no obligation. Get in touch to talk to one of our specialist consultants who can guide you through the process from start to finish.