Business Partners: Nostra also have a number of business partners of which we are very proud. We at Nostra believe that it is very important to support and complement emerging new technology companies who are blazing a trail for their respective industries. Nostra have a number of unique partnerships with companies of this nature and are always keen to work with new and exciting companies in the IT industry.

Some such companies include:

Market Hub

Market Hub began with a simple challenge.  What capabilities would enable bricks & mortar and omni-channel retailers to compete successfully?

So they sat down to design a toolset for retailers that mirrors the dynamic pricing control that pure play online retailers enjoy – but in a real store environment. The output?  A  confluence of on-stream competitor intelligence, pricing optimisation and on-shelf displays that allows you, the retailer, to place the right product, at the right price in front of the right people.

From their revolutionary integrated ERP hub to stand alone electronic self-labels, online marketplace data or pricing intelligence software, they’re all about helping their customers compete in real time to become more profitable.

Market Hub


Wooqer’s singular mission is to ‘enable each person to be more’ by creating solutions to their work challenges on their own in shortest possible time. Wooqer helps people to structure work and measure results without sms, emails, phone calls and spreadsheets.

Organisations and teams can explore productivity opportunities through automation where none exists by equipping their people with the “One platform. Unlimited possibilities. One cost” Wooqer.



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