Nostra aim to make life as easy as possible when it comes to deciding if we are the right IT provider for you. We go out of our way to find the best solutions for your organisation and implement them as quickly and as effectively as we can.

We provide support to small, medium, and large organisations and can either increase or decrease the scale of our offering depending on what level of support is needed. We know from many years of experience that the complexity of IT systems vary greatly from a small business to a corporate entity, however we have both the range and breadth of experience to provide the same level of service to clients of all sizes.

Nostra IT Solutions, sectors

Over time we have become specialist IT providers in a wide variety of industries and sectors, some of which include:


In recent years Nostra has become a market leader in providing IT support to organisations operating in the booming Aviation industry in Ireland, which has become a hub for European Aviation activity.

With our 24/7 support options and dedicated engineering resources we are able to provide support to companies that operate around the clock and deal in a variety of time zones around the world. Our engineers are skilled in a variety of industry specific technologies and have also successfully implemented the likes of Office 365 and industry leading DR and Failover solutions to provide resilient systems that stand up to international scrutiny. We also provide high a level of consultancy and security governance advice in keeping with standards such as Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX).

Public Sector

Nostra have provided ongoing support services to state and semi state bodies for many years. Levels of support have varied depending on the size and complexity of the organisations in question, with our engineering team often collaborating closely with onsite IT teams to form a cohesive unit. This kind of model allows for direct control to remain with the onsite support teams, but also allows for them to avail of our wide array of technical knowhow through our remote help desk, onsite consultancy services, RFP/Tender Process support and installation facilities.

We have provided high end consultancy to public bodies on a range of subjects including Virtualisation, Business Continuity and DR Failover.


Nostra provide support to some of the biggest hotel groups in the country, as well as a number of independent hotels throughout Ireland and the UK. It is a sector we have been involved in for many years and as such we have built up vast experience in industry specific areas such as POS, booking, key card systems, Wi-Fi, and remote access.

It is a very unique industry which involves a tailored service, operating at hours which are quite different to many other industries. Nostra provide support to hotels no matter the hour, and provide a single point of contact for hotels to go through enabling them to bypass third party vendors who we deal with on their behalf. This also enables us to review costs of IT for our hospitality clients and help to negotiate better supplier deals to ensure the lowest cost, but maximum reliability and performance.

Financial Services

Uptime is imperative for companies operating in the financial services industry, with changes in exchange rates and global markets fluctuating at random. Nostra have insured this level of maximum utilisation for some major players in the industry for many years, implementing unique industry specific solutions. Our engineers have also gained great experience installing and maintaining industry specific software such as Bloomberg.

Graphic Arts/Web Design

Nostra maintain the IT for a number of graphic art and web design companies and have come to understand that Apple technology plays a significant role, and a role that is only going to prove more significant going forward in the daily operations of these companies. As such we have gone to great lengths to employ some of the highest qualified Apple engineers in the country.

We manage the IT for a wide variety of businesses such as printing companies, advertising agencies, web designers, digital marketing providers, and publishing companies. We understand Mac’s and PC’s equally and we ensure seamless integration where design, print and management can all co-ordinate and work together to have an ultra-reliable common working space. We also understand that deadlines in this industry cannot be missed and computer stability and data reliability are all critical.


Nostra provide IT support for many retail chains around the country, with one of our largest and oldest customers falling directly into this space. It doesn’t matter if there is 1 location or 200 as is the case with this particular client, we expand or decrease the level of service required accordingly. We can provide integrated IT solutions, site to site connections, and work with software providers to ensure that accurate information is made available centrally. Having reliable tills and printing facilities are critical in this industry and we both understand and cater for that. We have a nationwide engineering team that are always on the road and are dedicated and focused on the retail space which has a tendency to be very hands on.


The health and wellness sector requires reliable and stable IT systems where information can be recalled very quickly, and any delay which may impact on patient care must be avoided. The focus in these businesses is always the client or patient, and therefore Nostra take very seriously the level of support required and place particular emphasis on response times for any reported issues. Nostra operate as the silent IT partner and deliver managed IT services which allow users computers in both isolated and central clinics to be managed remotely and when not in use to have regular health checks completed. This level of proactive service enables the absolute stability which is required in the health sector.


Nostra support a number of schools and education providers around Ireland. It is a unique sector with its own demands that Nostra have come to understand well. As a Microsoft authorised education reseller and partner, we have successfully implemented cloud and virtualisation solutions along with hybrid scenarios that take into account the often constrained budgetary restrictions to which schools are subject.

Nostra are also well placed to advise schools on the various cost savings to be found in IT, with many of our large partners such as Microsoft offering significant discounts to organisations involved in education.


Nostra look after some of the most successful manufacturing companies in Ireland and the UK, whose turnover can be measured in millions of euro. Nostra provide fulltime engineers with a variety of roles from onsite maintenance to high end project management, often in tandem with their own fulltime IT departments.

Our involvement includes day to day management of user issues both from our helpdesk and engineers on the ground. We know that these small issues whilst not overly complicated can often occupy vast amounts of an IT department’s time.

Some more complex solutions that Nostra have implemented in recent times for such manufacturing companies are sophisticated replication environments and ERP server consolidation.


Nostra provide IT support to a number of charitable organisations around Ireland. Nostra are big advocates of both local and national charities and are always keen to help in any way that we can. Knowing the budgetary constraints that charities come under we are always willing to offer significantly discounted rates to charities, and free advice on how best to improve their IT estate.
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