Dawn To Dusk

29th April 2017

Event run by Nostra team to raise money for local families.

Read Jack and Alex’s Story

Nostra HQ to Talbot Hotel Wexford Town

4 teams

Driving 1,000kms –  Lough Ness to Wexford Town

Walking 75kms – Brittas Bay to Wexford Town

Running 150kms – Nostra HQ to Wexford Town

Cycling 150 kms – Nostra HQ to Wexford Town

One goal – raise €25,000


“Nostra is not the recipient or the beneficiary of these funds. Nostra is simply acting as a facilitator in the processing of a gift from the Donor to the Donee. No event costs are deducted from the funds raised and all event costs are funded by Nostra. All funds raised are distributed without deduction to Donees”