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Nostra are first and foremost a Cloud Technology company and have been for many years. Cloud Computing or Cloud IT Support is an alternative to traditional IT and simply put is a far more sustainable way to run your business. Instead of running your business applications (email, documents, etc.) internally, they run on a shared data centre and you simply just “plug in” to use these cloud services, making it easy to access and significantly lowering the associated costs. Cloud Computing eliminates unnecessary on site servers and storage because all of your information is stored in the cloud.

Imagine this, you have multiple users all using separate individual applications that are hosted in an on-site server. Cloud Computing allows you and all your users to merge these separate applications into one and move it off-site into the cloud. Each user has a personalised account within this single application and connects to it through cloud services via the internet.

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To simplify this, let’s say that your business has 20 computers and each computer has the same document on it that everybody works on and edits on a regular basis (meaning within your business there are 20 of the same document being used). With cloud computing, you can move this document onto the cloud and allow all 20 computers to access the 1 document via the Internet. When a user updates the document all other users can see these updates and everyone is kept on track as to what is going on. Now imagine that this document was a large scale business application. By reducing the amount of applications that the users require, it can lead to greater efficiency and productivity, reduced maintenance and repair costs, and allow for quicker updates and upgrades.

Traditionally it has been very expensive and complicated to run and maintain business applications. There is often an extensive amount of hardware and software required to run them, and on top of that you also need a team of IT engineers to install, configure, test, run, secure, and update them. With cloud computing you can avoid these unnecessary complications because you’re not maintaining hardware and software. By sharing services on the cloud you allow it to work like a utility; pay as you use, upgrades are automatic and increasing/decreasing your usage is easy.

Nostra are a Microsoft Gold Partner and utilise the full suite of Microsoft Cloud offerings for our clients, including:


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