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It is said that moving home is one of life’s most stressful events, and this can be even more applicable when it comes to moving an entire business. Most people have never managed a move, and so the task can be very daunting at the outset. However once you engage with one of our consultants you will be left feeling much more relaxed.

We can manage the move of all your ICT equipment as well as project manage the implementation of other technical services such as broadband, telephony and everyday office equipment. We are well used to the requirements of a business that needs to turn off on a Friday, move over the weekend and have all users up and running at 9am on Monday, and are more than happy to facilitate these out of hour moves where necessary.

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This often requires a great deal of long term strategy and forward planning to ensure that the move takes into account the future business requirements, so that premeditated measures can be taken now.

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