Testimonials & Case Studies





Motoring Sector

The Problem:

The company had been operating from a number of retail locations around Ireland, and employed all of its driving instructors directly. Instructor schedules and learner bookings were managed from multiple locations using a paper-based system that was both labour-intensive and error-prone. Their goal was to go fully nationwide, however they knew that the existing business model could not support this growth. The company realised that by implementing a centralised, cloud-based approach to bookings and scheduling, it could improve customer service and employee satisfaction, decrease costs and increase revenue.

The Solution:

To solve the difficulties, Nostra tailored a specific Office 365 plan for the company. The company used Exchange 2007 for headquarters staff’s email, so it was a natural progression to move to an Exchange-based mobile platform to push calendars to instructors on their smart phones or via computer if their phone is not available.

“To grow the business, we had to move our instructors not only to the franchise model, but also to the cloud, as it was critical that they could access their calendar from anywhere. Our solution simply had to deliver the pupil and the instructor to the pick point at the right time, every time” remarked the Program Manager.

Nostra still act as a fully outsourced IT manager for the company, providing maintenance on all aspects of their IT.

Hospitality Sector

The Problem:

Historically the main issue that the company faced was a truly excessive amount of hardware across the multiple hotel sites. There was little or no coordination of infrastructure between the various hotels, and this in turn led to considerable inefficiencies in IT costs. As a result of this centralisation of the IT systems became essential to the Group achieving the IT savings necessary.

The Solution:

Initially Nostra implemented a single email solution for each location, and once it became viable to do so, moved the email for each hotel to the cloud via Microsoft Office 365. Nostra later assisted the Group with moving all of their documents to a centralised store, enabling greater collaboration between HQ and the various hotels. Nostra also continue to act as the outsourced IT department for the company, providing maintenance and support for each location.




"What Nostra Provides is Critical to Us"

“A business such as ours, which deals with some of the world’s largest airlines, banks, and manufacturers, requires IT systems that are robust, reliable, and infallible so as to prevent even the smallest downtime to our business. The IT management that Nostra provide to us is critical to our day to day operations and Nostra work proactively to understand every aspect of our company in an attempt to ensure the smooth running of the business.

What Nostra do better than anyone else is free up management time. They allow us to focus on what’s important to our business while they look after every aspect of our IT platform. The service they provide is second to none and I look forward to our future work together.”

Chief Operating Officer


"Seamless, Efficient, and Hassle Free"

“We have worked with Nostra as our Technology Partner since 2011. During that time we have moved our mail to Microsoft O365, upgraded our servers, and deployed Microsoft Virtualisation. In tandem with Nostra we have reviewed and upgraded our Business Continuity Plan and have put disaster recovery failover in place. All of these initiatives have been accomplished in a seamless, efficient, and hassle free manner with no down time to the company. Nostra always conduct due diligence before any move and come up with business driven and cost effective solutions. They are very adept at providing the latest software solutions and advice with a customer centric focus.”

Office Manager


"The Service We Receive is Unlike Any Other"

“We chose Nostra as our IT provider because they understand our business and give a proactive approach to managing our IT. They provide the fastest response time from any IT company in our market but much more than this they advise us on keeping our systems stable and our costs down.

They engage with our other vendors to ensure that once we make a call to Nostra any IT worry will be resolved.

The efficient running of our technology systems is crucial to the smooth running of our business.  They have become a key IT manager to our business.  From analysing our systems they have saved us a lot of money, we run more systems from less machines and we do so in a stable fashion. Our employees are an integral part of our business and our employees choose Nostra Systems.

The service we receive from Nostra Systems is unlike that given to us by any previous provider.”

Financial Controller


"I have more time to focus on my business"

“Although Nostra have committed to 30 minute support, the support engineers are usually online and fixing any issue within 5 or 10 minutes and we’re generally back up and running within the 30 minutes. They provide an excellent service and more importantly leave me with more time to focus on my business.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Nostra to any company who wish to cut IT costs without jeopardizing any service levels.”

Managing Director


"Nostra are an integral part of our team"

“When we wanted to engage an IT support partner, we simply wanted one that would ensure that we would not lose any sleep at night worrying about our IT infrastructure.
Since partnering with Nostra, they have become an Integral part of our team dealing with key IT areas from the basic handling of day-to-day day support, to managing third party services, to examining the health of our IT infrastructure, to planning for business continuity whilst all the time ensuring that we are compliant with all regulatory and legislative requirements.
They are also well-versed in identifying and mitigating the latest advancements in cyber-threats and having this confidence allows us to focus on our membership and drive our Credit Union forward

Between us, we have developed strong IT processes and procedures which consistently have us benchmarked to the highest standard in IT security and service delivery and so, no, I don’t lose sleep worrying about our IT infrastructure.”



"Our network has been upgraded and its efficiency greatly improved"

“….we provide financial services across south Dublin. As we grow, adding more branches and staff, our needs become more complex. Ensuring maximum ‘up-time’, maintaining communications between our branches and protecting the security of our data are core issues for us.
Since partnering with Nostra our network has been upgraded and its efficiency greatly improved. Nostra manage our strict internal IT security policies and controls. Our business is protected with the latest cybersecurity safeguards, along with a robust IT business continuity plan, back up servers and disaster recovery measures.

With Nostra we always have best in class IT and meet the stringent regulatory requirements. We have confidence and trust in our IT infrastructure so that we can focus on the business of providing financial services to our members.”

Projects and Implementation Manager