Camara on a mission to close the digital divide

An Irish education charity is delivering 21,000 computers to 840 schools in Ethiopia, writes Katherine Donnelly

“Technology is a game-changer in education. Its power to transform teaching and learning is well documented, while familiarity with it can nurture a curiosity in students that may ultimately inspire further innovation.

At the very least, digital literacy is now as essential as proficiency in reading and maths for every student and in every society.

In recent weeks, the debate over the €3bn rural broadband rollout plan, has turned the spotlight on the digital divide in Ireland and the need to ensure that parts of the country, and their schools, businesses and homes, are not left behind in the technological revolution.

The challenges are even greater in developing countries where education levels already lag behind the rest of the world – a gap that can only be exacerbated if access to technology in education is beyond their reach.

Camara, an Irish charity, is one such non-governmental organisation whose mission is to transform education using technology to empower disadvantaged students. Camara takes in new and pre-used computers from companies, and refurbishes them for re-use in communities, both in Africa and Ireland.

Nostra, an IT services firm based in Lucan, Dublin and a long-time partner to Camara – donating more than 800 computers since 2013 – has taken that relationship a step further as the first company to come on board as a sponsor.

Nostra CEO Kevin O’Loughlin says they understand the power of IT to transform an organisation and wanted to support Camara Education in bringing the power of computers to Ethiopian classrooms.”

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