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At Nostra, people are at the heart of everything we do. Ongoing personal development is a huge part of our core values. We have diverse opportunities with continuous opportunities to grow, develop and be a leader. We don’t want to offer just jobs. We offer careers to ambitious professionals who care about both themselves and our customers. We have multi department opportunities with multi-level skill sets as well as a graduate program for engineers.
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Are we the right fit for eachother?

You Hate the Hard Sell

So do we. We only recommend solutions to our clients that we know are the right fit, we never oversell.

Clients want you to represent their interests and not just those of your company. ‘Would you sell this to a family member’? is a question often asked in Nostra.

Our customers, like everyone else, must cope with the complexities of business. They want you to make what you're selling simple.

You’re Curious

Most of the breakthrough discoveries and inventions throughout history are the result of curiosity.

When we are curious, we view tough situations more creatively.

Curiosity leads to more-open communication and better team performance.

Asking “what if” and “why not” is to be encouraged, so is celebrating setbacks.

You’re Passionate

‘When we had nothing, (not even a window) we had passion’

Nostra has grown from four people working out of a windowless office in Greenogue, to 3 offices in Ireland and 250+ staff.

Those same four people who founded Nostra back in 2006 are still working with us today, passion and ambition is what has moulded us into the business we are today.

You Care - Because we care, genuinely.

To “help 1 million people” – is an objective of Kevin O’Loughlin set back in 2006 that was adopted by Nostra. This is not necessarily about helping people with IT related issues, it is about helping the people that work in Nostra, and their families to live better lives. This passes through in what we deliver to our customers.

Our objective is to maintain our customers and our people for the long term.

That objective makes Nostra a place that people want to come to every day and want to be a part of.

Our ultimate goal?

Motivated team members & happy clients.

It’s our job to provide the platform for you to excel as a team member and to help maximise the potential of our people.

You will be given the right tools as well as clear direction to help you in your role. We want to align your career objectives to our ambition – and continuously work together along that journey. What do you enjoy, what do you like, what makes you happy? At Nostra you will be given plenty of opportunity to grow not only professionally but also personally.

Still not convinced?

How about this:

Flexi Holiday Leave

Hybrid Working & Flexi Time

The Premium Club

Wellness Benefit

Referral Bonus

Health Insurance

Employee Assistance Program

Company Pension Plan

Professional Financial Planning

Continuous Professional Development

On-site Gym Facilities

Bike To Work Scheme

Moments that Matter

New Child Leave

Sports & Social Activities

Career Progress Opportunities

3 locations in Ireland

Life at Nostra

Finding a company with a great culture and team members that make you feel comfortable is one of the hardest parts of the job search process. Job satisfaction has a direct relationship with cultural fit. At Nostra we are flexible and innovative, we are invested in your long-term development and job satisfaction. We are committed to providing set and defined goals, and ensuring that you have the information needed to reach those goals. We have an active Sports and Social club and are committed to employee well-being and want to help the people that work in Nostra, and their families to live better lives.

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How we hire

The Call

At Nostra, we don’t just offer jobs, we offer careers. When you apply to Nostra, our recruiters will review your CV and experience, and if suitable, they will arrange a call with you. We will also consider and potentially discuss other roles which may be open and of interest to you.

The Interview

Technically the next stage is an interview. At Nostra we prefer to consider this an opportunity for you to meet with the Hiring Manager to have a chat about the role and how we can help each other grow. You wont be quizzed, rather it is an opportunity for us both to get to know each other and see if we are the right fit for each other.

New Future!

Offer Stage; once offer is accepted, we will agree a start date with you and begin the onboarding process. And so, your bright future at Nostra will begin!

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