What We Do

At Nostra, we specialise in empowering business owners by taking control of their IT infrastructure, providing long-term peace of mind.

Our expertise lies in creating a reliable and secure IT foundation that allows businesses to
confidently scale and innovate.

With a commitment to excellence, we ensure our clients stay at the forefront of technology, navigating the ever-evolving IT landscape with confidence.

Managed IT Support

All the expert support your business needs
Like having your own dedicated in-house team of tech experts, but without the overheads. Our consulting delivers a layer of security, governance and advice over all your IT decisions and implementations.

Cloud Solutions

Serving the future
The most sustainable and affordable way to run your business. Enabling you scale for today and tomorrow, it delivers an unmatched combination of benefits.

Security & Compliance

Ensuring business continuity & protection
Networks must be protected by a layered approach to cyber security. We have developed a 360-degree approach that ensures our clients the best and most comprehensive protection possible.

Network & Infrastructure

A seamless & secure solution
A network can make or break a business online, so it’s imperative you have the very best… We know what that is, and we have the proven skills to deploy it across your business.

Professional Services

Identifying your needs and providing solutions
At Nostra, we have a dedicated team of highly qualified professional services engineers delivering large scale implementations. Our Professional Services team work very hard to design and integrate hardware, software, and systems into one consistent infrastructure.

Modern Workplace

Embracing digital transformation
Embracing digital transformation, Microsoft Modern Workplace integrates collaboration, digital business applications, unified communications, and teamwork transformation to foster a modern and efficient working environment.

Procurement & Licensing

Providing the tools for effective IT
Providing practical advice on the best equipment. Clients trust us to not only implement best-practice IT solutions, but to advise on the best possible equipment to help deliver it.

Business Continuity

Getting back to ‘business as usual’
At Nostra, we specialize in Disaster Recovery, encompassing real-time file backups, secure duplication of updated files on clients' networks, and comprehensive planning, testing, and analysis in three key areas: Disaster Recovery, Business Impact, and Planning.

AI Services

Elevating Your Company to the Next Level
At Nostra, we are committed to ensuring that your company is prepared for the future by offering the right tools that will propel it into a competitive and more efficient landscape.

Why Nostra?

Dedicated Support

Each and every one of our customers receives personalised assistance from our dedicated support team.

Monitored 24/7

We pride ourselves on designing and deploying a completely seamless network solution. Once this is achieved without downtime or disruption, we then monitor and manage the system from our headquarters. We do this seven days a week, so that you can focus on growing your business rather than worrying about security breaches.


Our technicians are accredited by the largest networking and security vendors including N-Able, Barracuda, Palo Alto, SonicWALL, Cisco, GFI.

Lets work together

For additional information on our services, don’t hesitate to contact us — we’re here to help.