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A healthy business is a successful business. So knowing how to protect yours against the ever present threat of cyber-attack is key to safeguarding its long-term future. Here at Nostra, we deliver a range of cutting-edge cyber-security services to protect, detect and respond to any threat your business might face.

Nostra security & compliance services

Would you value knowing how vulnerable you are to a cyber attack such as Ransomware?

A Cyber Risk assessment identifies, analyses, and evaluates risks affecting an organisation’s assets. CyberPrism audit is a NIST based assessment tool to perform a risk-based security audit. Not only does the assessment highlight potential risks it also suggests remedial actions to take. Click here to learn how it works and arrange a consultation and demonstration.

We offer penetration testing services to assess the role of internal, external and cloud services throughout your organisation

· Internal Network Security

An internal security audit that covers 10 assessment areas and over 100 recommended controls

· External Penetration Testing

An external penetration test that highlights and assesses external facing vulnerabilities. Includes social engineering testing.

· Microsoft 360 Security Review

As a key platform, a separate security review is recommended for Microsoft 360. This will involve implementing an ongoing review process where areas in need of security upgrade are identified and dealt with quickly.

· Security Information and Event Management

In today’s world, it’s imperative to have a pro-active approach to cyber incident response and management. Nostra has the right solution for every business need

– Alienvault Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)/SIEM Only

– SIEM/SOC Nostra Partner with InSoc Security Operations Centre (SOC) to provide
a 24/7 monitoring service

We provide security training, both in-person and online.

The in-person training deals with all local regulation on data protection, and provides best practice advice on how to handle issues that arise in this area.

The online training covers the same areas, but in a series of 10-15 minute monthly modules.


Our team have extensive experience guiding businesses through the ISO 27001 application process. We’re ready and available to do the same for you.

Information Security Policies

Information Security Policies detail your company’s position in relation to all things to do with IT and security. We can help you with this. Our Security and Compliance team works with our customers to review and update the most common Information Security Policies.

These include:

1. Information Security
2. I.T. Asset Management
3. I.T. Change Management
4. Disaster Recovery

In the event your company or organisation suffers a security breach, we’re here to help provide a fast and effective response. Time is always of the essence, so our team offers immediate pragmatic solutions, as well as general advice on how best to respond to breach scenarios.

Why Nostra?


Cutting edge

The very nature of our work means that security must be at the forefront of all we do. We are meticulous and thorough in forensically working across your network to detect all possible threats and weaknesses.


Our technicians are accredited by the largest networking and security vendors including N-Able, Barracuda, Palo Alto, SonicWALL, Cisco, GFI.


We also want to empower you and your team by sharing our knowledge and recommendations so that you can implement and enact best practice responses. Together, we can work to provide your business with the very best protection possible.

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