Corporate Social Responsibility

Nostra’s Aim Is To Help 1 Million People

Nostra Gives Back

Nostra’s aim is to help 1 million people. Not only with IT related needs, but with a range of Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.

This extends to any person or group of people, internal and external to the company that may need help.

This forms part of Nostra’s CSR. Nostra initiated an annual charity event in May 2016 which came to be known as ‘Dawn to Dusk’.

As a company, Nostra select specific, known, and local beneficiaries for Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. Nostra are delighted to have raised over €70,000 to date for joint beneficiaries Zaki Djellabi, Alex Donnelly-Byrne, Jack McNiffe, Lauren Fitzgerald and Rory Gallagher.

Nostra also partners with Camara Ireland, ISPCC, Ballymun Youth Reach and Tus Nua, Clondalkin – working closely with them supporting their endeavours to make a difference in society today and into the future.

“We have been in total lockdown since schools closed here to protect my son who has extremely complex medical issues and is immunosuppressed. My daughter and I painted and gutted the sunroom/playroom. We painted all the woodwork white. It’s like a different room. We got a ceiling installed to try and keep the heat in/out. We were turned down twice for adaptation for a roof. Luckily @Nostra_ie fundraised for Jack so we were able to put the ceiling in. 🙏 Now we can use this space. The plan is to put his sensory room at one end. We are so grateful. Thank you @Nostra_ie This was used as a storeroom before. Such a waste of space. Now it’s bright, airy & a great space for Jack & his sis Molly. I’ve got black-out blinds ready to be fitted after all of this so we can darken the room for sensory reasons.”

Aisling McNiffe

Proudly Supporting

Camara installs computers in schools and trains teachers to use them. Click to learn more.

Rebuilding Lives Affected by Childhood Illness. Click to learn more.

Ireland’s national child protection charity. Click to learn more.