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Professional Services

At Nostra, we have a dedicated team of highly qualified professional services engineers delivering large scale implementations. Our Professional Services team work very hard to design and integrate hardware, software, and systems into one consistent infrastructure.

Deploying solutions & infrastructure to Microsoft Azure & Private Cloud Platforms

Our team have extensive experience guiding businesses through the ISO 27001 application process. We’re ready and available to do the same for you.

Microsoft Technologies, including Exchange Migrations & Intune Rollout

We offer penetration testing services to assess the role of internal, external and cloud services throughout your organisation

  • Internal Network Security

An internal security audit that covers 10 assessment areas and over 100 recommended controls

  • External Penetration Testing

An external penetration test that highlights and assesses external facing vulnerabilities. Includes social engineering testing.

  • Microsoft 360 Security Review

As a key platform, a separate security review is recommended for Microsoft 360. This will involve implementing an ongoing review process where areas in need of security upgrade are identified and dealt with quickly.

Wireless Network Deployment & Firewall Implementation

Would you value knowing how vulnerable you are to a cyber attack such as Ransomware?

A Cyber Risk assessment identifies, analyses, and evaluates risks affecting an organisation’s assets. CyberPrism audit is a NIST based assessment tool to perform a risk-based security audit. Not only does the assessment highlight potential risks it also suggests remedial actions to take. Click here to learn how it works and arrange a consultation and demonstration.

Hardware Installation & Configuration

Information Security Policies

Information Security Policies detail your company’s position in relation to all things to do with IT and security. We can help you with this. Our Security and Compliance team works with our customers to review and update the most common Information Security Policies.

These include:

1. Information Security
2. IT. Asset Management
3. IT. Change Management
4. Disaster Recovery

Step by step

IT Roadmap


  • Understand your strategic objectives
  • Document your IT inventory.
  • Conduct interviews


Define recommended solutions based on discovery findings and core priorities.


Strategic IT roadmap aligned with business goals.


Itemised breakdown of proposed service solutions.


Migration of IT services to Nostra to execute the roadmap.


Ongoing governance, risk management and compliance.

What we do

Project Management

From email and apps to data management and logistics, technology is essential for every business today. Even companies that aren’t tech-centric need software to manage their purchase orders or networks to get online. And every one of an organisation’s technology goals must be properly managed for the business to succeed. That’s where IT project management comes in.

What exactly is IT project management?

t’s the successful oversight of any information technology project that an organisation undertakes. IT project managers are responsible for planning, budgeting, executing, leading, troubleshooting, and maintaining these projects.


  • Understand your strategic objectives
  • Document your IT inventory.
  • Conduct interviews


Define recommended solutions based on discovery findings and core priorities.


Strategic IT roadmap aligned with business goals.

Monitor and Control

Itemised breakdown of proposed service solutions.


Migration of IT services to Nostra to execute the roadmap.


Benefits of IT project management

Specialised Expertise

Enhanced Focus on Core Competencies

Cost Savings

Risk Mitigation

Advanced Tools and Technologies

Cross-Functional Talents

Our Services

Take charge of your business processes and unlock your full potential with our advanced solutions.

Our commitment to constant improvement and staying abreast of the latest developments in the ever-evolving realm of IT. ensures that we remain at the forefront. Clients trust us, finding reassurance in the knowledge that they are in capable hands with our expertise.

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Monitored 24/7

Analyse your existing environment, process or application with an open and honest discovery session. Involve as many stakeholders as is necessary that can bring value and insights. This allows us to gain a clear understanding of the requirements and expectations of the client along with identifying clear success criteria.

Dedicated Support

We pride ourselves on designing and deploying a completely seamless network solution. Once this is achieved without downtime or disruption, we then monitor and manage the system from our headquarters. We do this seven days a week, so that you can focus on growing your business rather than worrying about security breaches.

Each and every one of our customers receives personalised assistance from our dedicated support team.

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If you have questions about Professional Services or any related offerings, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team is ready to offer customised assistance and support.