How to Secure Your Hybrid Work Environment

As organisations move away from full remote working environments, we are all preparing for
the next big shift – hybrid work. With the introduction of permanent hybrid work environments,
where some users are operating remotely and others are in offices, organisations will be faced
with new security challenges. Security has never been more important, as we operate in the
most complex cyber-security landscape we’ve ever seen. Tech giants like Microsoft are urging
organisations to adopt a Zero Trust approach, where a network can check automatically for
abnormal behavior, such as a user logging into an account one day on a different type of
machine, or a connection coming from an unexpected location. As many IT professionals and cyber security advisors know,
these changes open up the opportunity for risks. As employers adopt this new change to a
hybrid work environment, there are some critical security considerations your organisation
needs to explore.

Download the below PDF for further details.

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