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The security landscape is constantly evolving

The security landscape is constantly evolving—whether from big upheavals like the rapid adoption of remote work in 2020 or from attackers changing tactics.

Businesses that use Microsoft 365 need to be able to deploy, monitor, maintain, and above all secure and protect their data from the latest attacks.

One of the biggest challenges in security today is complexity. Not only is there an ever-growing number of threats, but many businesses are also defending their companies with a patchwork of security solutions that don’t work well together. This piecemeal approach is costly and less secure.

Piecemeal Approach

Nostra’s “Cloud Shield’ provides a multi-layer ‘anywhere protection’ approach for Microsoft 365, so you can concentrate on your business knowing you have comprehensive protection in place.

Multi Layered Approach

Layer 1

Provides security baseline and management including Mandatory 365 Security Controls, Enforced Multifactor Authentication, and Modern Authentication with a Microsoft Secure Score minimum of 75%+

Microsoft Secure Score is a numerical summary of your security posture based on system configurations, user behaviour, and other security-related measurements. The average secure score across all Microsoft 365 accounts worldwide is 23%.

Layer 2

Managed Anti-Virus solution on each endpoint – automatically deployed to all devices added to your network.

Layer 3

SaaS protection and email web filtering – email security scanning in a cloud sandbox environment ensures you are preventing the spread of harmful content via email.

Layer 4

SaaS defense that proactively defends against malware, business email compromise (BEC), and phishing attacks that target Microsoft Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams.

Layer 5

Backup Protection for Office 365 in a separate data repository from Microsoft. As Microsoft only hold your data for a short term, this provides infinite retention to ensure email and file restoration at any time.

Avoid falling victim to:

  1. A hacker attempting to elevate permissions to domain administrator to launch attacks.
  2. Social engineering to change a victim’s registered phone number so that attackers receive an authentication text message.
  3. Clicking a malicious link or attachment that may execute code, run a command, or give consent to access a mailbox or launch a ransomware attack.
  4. The list goes on ……………..

All of which could have serious financial and reputational damage.

Whats the result?

Nostra Cloud Shield protects your identities, applications, cloud, and endpoint devices to eliminate blind spots with proactive threat hunting and extended detection and response (XDR).

Enforces least privilege access across your cloud environments.

Identifies security gaps and protects your Microsoft 365 cloud environment against threats.

And is fully managed by our dedicated Cyber security service team.

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